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Softype review your existing business processes

Business Process Review

Softype will review your existing business processes in order to help you to identify opportunities for enhancing your daily operations, increasing your efficiency, and saving you time and money. Business process review will give you an idea how each department will be affected during the NetSuite implementation.

Softype - Operational Reporting

Operational Reporting

Each NetSuite instance has rich inbuilt reporting and search capability. Using this is within the reach of trained users. However, there are times when complex reporting becomes too difficult to define and design. That’s where our Operational Specialists can assist you. Reach out to us when you are stuck, and we will help you create the set of reports that you need to run your business better.

NetSuite Data Analysis and Data Migration

Data Analysis and Data Migration

The daily use of an ERP system like NetSuite rapidly generates large volumes of data. Clients interested in mining their data for analytics purposes can reach out to Softype to create actionable intelligence from their ERP data. We can work with you to do this within native NetSuite or through other analytics and planning tools available in the market that are designed to integrate with NetSuite. Competent data analysis can help businesses take required actions on time and increase their competitiveness.

Also, Softype will help you to carefully prepare for the migration of all your data from your legacy system Into NetSuite.

Softype Solution Consulting

Solution Consulting

Every company starts their digital transformation journey from a different point so there is no one-size-fits-all model for an IT solution. To that end, Softype offers professional services in the form of a fixed price engagement ranging from a few days to a few weeks in order to understand the requirements, the pain points, and the issues that a company seeks to solve.

A Softype Solution Architect will work with you to clarify, refine and sort out your needs and requirements and understand your priorities. The Solution Consultant will also assist in determining the optimal set of elements required for a successful NetSuite implementation so that you will make full use of the system.

Supply Chain Optimization Services

Supply Chain Optimization Services

Softype will help you to find ways to optimize your supply chain management processes by providing real-time visibility to inventory management, streamlining business processes, and by eliminating unnecessary time-consuming actions.

Some of our clients require paperless endpoint solutions using handheld devices that are linked to NetSuite. Softype assists our clients with implementation of DSI mobile-first applications that are fully integrated with NetSuite to speed up the sending and receiving of information.

Netsuite Training


Softype training is designed to increase the internal know-how of our Clients so that they can utilize their NetSuite instance to the greatest possible extent. Training includes the use of the Softype methodology to work with client teams as well as assistance to build easy-to-use documentation and NetSuite training manuals relevant to their configured NetSuite instance.

Softype can also help to prepare the Client’s internal team members for NetSuite certification examinations. This will help our clients develop skills and expertise within their company teams which will support maximum utilization of their NetSuite investment.

Business Solution with scripting, custom forms, custom workflows and UI improvements

Customization and Script Development

Softype technical team can help you to optimize a Business Solution with scripting, custom forms, custom workflows and UI improvements. This ensures that it truly meets your specific business needs and increases company’s efficiency.

Prime Support to NetSuite instance


Taking 100% of the ownership, Softype is one of a few companies which provide Prime Support to clients who require assistance with anything in their NetSuite instance. Support is managed by a ticketing system with predefined SLAs in the Client’s time zone.

Softype Inc - Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Softype will use its experience in the delivery of more than 300 implementations to arrive at a realistic timeline and set of deliverables for a successful ERP delivery for each of our customers. Using our Rapid Implementation Method (RIM), Softype consultants work with our clients to deliver a working solution based on leading practices within a three-month period and will assist our clients with their Go-Live activities to support customer success.

Enterprise Resource Planning Integration Services

Integration Services

In today’s world companies are already equipped with multiple siloed applications designed for different purposes and customers may still need to have an Enterprise Resource Planning system which can be integrated with their third-party applications. This is where Softype helps companies to connect NetSuite with other systems. Our solution consultants can develop a plan for streamlined integration.

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