What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

Enterprise resource planning is the management of day-to-day business activities such as Accounting, Procurement, Manufacturing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management and other functional areas of an organization.

An ERP system is a unified platform for tracking all business operations which provides data integrity as a single source of truth.

Without an ERP system, data is siloed by departments which makes it difficult to share the data across a company. This slows down the ability to react to business needs and market changes.

Nowadays ERP systems are being used by thousands of organizations of all sizes and all industries.

ERP Platforms offers three key alignments: Strategic, Operational and Tactical. These alignments help business stakeholders make decisions based upon facts, not assumptions.

To sum it up, 26000+ businesses across 160+ countries are using the NetSuite to transform their businesses digitally. It doesn’t’ matter whether you are a small, medium, large-scale or rapidly growing enterprise. NetSuite will help you with your financial management.


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Softype is a global provider of cloud business automation solutions and an experienced enterprise consulting provider to medium and large enterprises. We have more than 15 years of successful experience with ERP system implementations, business process consulting, and integration. We have offices in the US, Philippines, India and Kenya.


We have been a Solution Partner for Oracle NetSuite, the original and leader cloud ERP, since 2004. We have successfully assisted more than 400 clients across 25 countries and four continents over the past 17 years. Besides NetSuite, our company has expertise in workflow automation and integration for the WD, Retail, Education and Light Manufacturing industries. We are partners of StoreHub Cloud POS and Workato for integration and automation for different enterprises.


We do not just build things/spaces or create software. Our focus is practical solutioning coupled with expert service delivery of software projects to maximize our clients’ investments in business automation solutions that they undertake. We partner with them to deliver the promise of success.


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