Workflow instead of scripting

Workflow instead of scripting

What is Workflow?

Workflow is the SuiteCloud functionality provided by NetSuite. It helps automate business processes associated with all the record types available in NetSuite. This is done without writing a single line of code. Workflow is a UI based functionality, which utilizes simple point-and-click capability for tweaking and customizing business processes. It helps to streamline the business processes without any hassle and increases the efficiency of day-to-day task and activities.

Advantages of Workfow:

  • It does not require any coding knowledge to create a workflow. All you need is a good grasp of the logic of your business procedures. NetSuite Workflow (SuiteFlow) enables process improvement suggestions from a diverse group including business and operational professionals, not just computer programmers.
  • SuiteFlow is a very flexible platform created by Oracle NetSuite. The platform is embodied in a beautiful graphical tool that allows for custom drag-and-drop ERP process visualizations.
  • SuiteFlow is very flexible as it is built on SuiteScript, which is an open foundation. This means that you can use SuiteScript and combine it with SuiteFlow by creating custom actions. Or you can call external web services and use these services as needed within certain workflows.
  • A common myth regarding software as a service (SaaS) business applications is that they force firms to alter their typical business processes to accommodate hard-coded workflows. This is contrary to the way NetSuite functions. With NetSuite, SuiteFlow users are able to quickly point and click to create, alter or update custom workflows.

Workflow can be used to:

  • Enable multiple levels of approvals on transactions.
  • Create a specific kind of record numbering management.
  • Tweak data on other records based on the work done on the current record.
  • Set the numeric value based on a complex arithmetic formula.