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Retail Auto Glass – AGP Corporation

AGP Corporation is the Philippines leading provider of value formatic products for business and consumers in the Philippines. With branches in major cities across the country, we offer the best tires and auto glass products through our wide sales channel which is spread out across the country.

The use of the Oracle NetSuite ERP in the cloud is very successful. The ERP allows us to use the functions and features of accounting, inventory, sales, supply chain, purchases, and CRM. It allows us to have management reports which are available in real time which is necessary for us to make good business decisions that are essential for our growth and profitability. As a company, AGP Corporation is very happy with the use of the NetSuite ERP. We are also very grateful for the partnership we have with Softype, our provider who is able to assist us and provide us with a smooth implementation and roll out, good customer service, and availability. As a partner and provider of the NetSuite ERP we are grateful for this partnership and congratulations and we look forward to more years of working together.

Christine Ferrera

Educational University - Far Eastern University

As part of our founders’ aspirations to provide quality and future ready education for all, FEU persistently invests in upgrading its facilities and systems to promote a better school experience. FEU has been doing various technology upgrades since the late 1990s.

In 2015, the University decided to undertake a major change in its enrollment system. Softype was the partner selected for the upgrade. The work involved putting the various processes in the enrollment system under one platform linked to our accounting system. We maximized the software to improve key enrollment areas such as registration and finance. We receive synchronized reports and real time updates and students can enroll from anywhere without having to go on campus. As FEU continually expands to cater to more students and provide more services, the cloud system allows us to automatically to increase server resources when a high volume of users or transactions are being detected. The flexibility benefits not only our students but also our school staff, especially now while our movement is limited due to the ongoing covid 19 pandemic.

Softype has been our partner in continuing our mission for best education services. We look forward to exploring more innovative solutions to deepen the value proposition of an FEU education.

Gerald L Villar
DBA, FEU University Registrar

Digital Printing Chain of Stores

We had an existing ordering system, but it was not fully functional as it was not web-based and our sales officers always needed to report back to the office to process orders. Our 2 other branches also couldn’t use it, so they had a different system of processing orders. Most of the monitoring had to be done manually and inter-branch transactions were not easy to do.

Until this year (2018) , when we heard of Softype (Netsuite). We were reluctant (to switch to Netsuite) at first, not believing it was possible for Softype to fit Netsuite into our current setup. Netsuite not only made our ordering system available online, it made it possible for our other branches to use the same system we were using. All sections and departments were now centralized (sales, accounting, inventory, production status, etc.) and everyone across all branches was able to see everything in one platform.

We would not have reached this point in using the system with so much ease if it were not for the dedication and hard work of the members of Softype. I highly recommend Netsuite, especially for businesses that are trying to find a way to organize their records and monitor all data accurately. If you are a business owner struggling with similar issues as we were, Netsuite is the way to go.

General Manager

Leading African Payments Solution Platform

From the very first meeting with Softype, when I was selecting a new financial accounting software, I knew I was dealing with professional dedicated experts. The team took time to understand our business and needs and expectations and delivered a bespoke solution in the timescale requested. 

Throughout the implementation process, the lines of communication were fluid and issues resolved immediately. Afterwards, the team was always there for us to help with any problems that cropped up while we were learning. 

A world class product sold and delivered by a world class team.


Large Agricultural Commodities Distributor

Softype, Inc. has been very efficient and professional in working with our company. Within 4 months, they have delivered and we went LIVE with our customized Netsuite ERP. I haven’t encountered any such company that can deliver and understand how to synchronize both management and IT at the same time. 

Softype, Inc. has truly given Netsuite ERP a name above the rest. We are proud to be partners with Softype, Inc.


Supermarket Chain

As the company scaled and experienced hypergrowth to compete in the already fast – paced industry of retail and wholesale supermarkets, we were facing a voluminous number of issues daily that we needed to resolve just to ensure our stores had stocks and our vendors were paid on time. When Softype presented to us a solution, it seemed too good to be true! We were quite skeptical, after having bad experiences with system implementations in the past. But our doubts were proven wrong with their exceptionally talented, driven and focused team as Softype delivered excellently without compromising timelines, cost, and user comfort level. Support was quick, customizations were well-thought of, and business process change management was properly aligned. 

Netsuite is a great software that allowed balance between rigidity of controls and flexibility for business. Yet the level of excellence it can do for one’s business will only be as good as how it is implemented and its functionality translated fittingly to the business process – something which Softype precisely was able to deliver brilliantly.

Finance Manager and Daily User
Southeast Asia

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