Beginning with our partnership with Netsuite in 2004, Softype has delivered robust cloud-based enterprise solutions to more than 300 clients worldwide.

We enable clients in more than 20 countries to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. From business consulting to business process optimization, from accounting and financial solutions to data capture and go-paperless strategies, Softype helps its clients find best fitting solution on the first try. Softype works with dynamic business owners and managers to deliver business solutions to run a successful business, no matter where it is located.

Our role is to catalyze the hidden but real energies within those communities to help find innovative solutions for our clients and share their success stories with others.

Why Softype?

Softype accompanies you on every stage of your ERP journey (implementation + running) through our 5-point action strategy:

  • Serve as a one-stop destination for NetSuite across geographies and time-zones
  • Optimize your current IT practices onto NetSuite’s up-to-date cloud platform
  • Ensure smooth and hassle-free implementation through an iterative approach
  • Build functionally rich vertical solutions to cater to your specific needs
  • Support and train on the solution developed for each client

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Consulting Services

Build strategies, build confidence, build your business.
Providing professional consulting services to better streamline your unique business processes.
Building optimized Business Solution which will fit specific business needs and increase company’s efficiency.
Assisting in the configuration of robust operational reports that are vital for your successful decision making.
Delivering a working Business Solution within 3 months by listening to your team and incorporating well established best practices.
Finding opportunities in your day to day operations to increase organizational efficiency and productivity.
Providing real-time visibility to inventory management, streamlining processes, and increasing order fulfillment speed.
Analyzing your data to help your organization take required actions on time and increase its competitiveness.
Supporting your organization by providing assistance with anything in your NetSuite instance.
Training the end users. Enabling user confidence and independence by demonstrating how to easily customize and tailor the solution to their individual needs.

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